The WeFly team

Established in 2018 as Bon-Cadeau-Parapente, WeFly is a small team of professionals. You will be welcomed by our 3 pilots who will put their knowledge and experience at your disposal to make sure you have a magical and unforgettable experience.

Equipe bon cadeau parapente Antoine

Born in 1995, his dad takes him for his first tandem flight when he is only 3 years old. Followed by his first solo flight at 7. 

Afterwards Antoine becomes a part of the Pôle Espoir for 2 years in the Pyrenees.

Thanks to his performances, he competes in world competitions for 4 years all the whilst finishing his landscaper studies.

In 2017 he starts the instructor training and at the same time discovers acrobatic paragliding.

Antoine loves to share his passion through tandem flights and teaching.

In his free time he likes to fly cross country and acrobatics, as well as climbing, skiing, travelling and drinking a good beer at the end of the day with friends !

Equipe bon cadeau parapente Charles

Born in 1992 in the east of France, Charles starts paragliding in 2011 and quickly falls in love with this sport.

At first working as an industrial design engineer, he becomes a paragliding instructor in 2016.

Charles likes to share the incredible feeling of flying like a bird with his passengers and let them benefit from his experiences.

His other passions : Airplanes, skiing and travelling

Equipe bon cadeau parapente Theo

Born in 1992, in the Lot, a small county in the middle of France. His father discovers paragliding a few years before him. Catching the virus as well, Theo does his first flights when he is 12 years old and later on gets into the Pôle Espoir and starts flying in competitions.

Instructor since 2012, tandem flying is his main activity but he enjoys staying on the ground from time to time for some teaching.

His other passions : skiing, base-jumping and photography !